Friday, December 30, 2011


I write cookies this recipe after I try to make it and the results are very satisfactory, is also a sense of the cookies recipe is very tasty especially when enjoyed with a drink of hot tea in the afternoon with family.

Recipes of cookies this way makes it very easy and the ingredients are very much on sale at a shop near your house so you do not have to bother to look for him, hopefully cookies recipe could be useful for you and do not mind if I wait your comment, please enjoy.

Here are two recipes of cookies:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


New dietary guidelines issued by the U.S. government recommends that Americans eat 08:55 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. The first time I heard some might seem like much, but in reality it is much easier than you think to fit that many servings of fruits and vegetables in daily diet. Firstly, there are the shelves of grocery stores are just full of fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition, fruits and vegetables are among the most expensive, most foods in supermarkets nutrient rich. The fruits and vegetables of your choice, very easy to do this as part tasty nutritious meals and snacks daily.

Monday, March 21, 2011



01. The Pierces - Secret
02. Ben's Brother - Beauty Queen
03. Colbie Caillat - I Will not
04. Mozella - More Than You
05. Orelia Has Orchestra - Tips
06. Brooke Waggoner - new look
07. Katie Herzig - Jack and Jill
08. Andrew Belle - all those pretty lights
09. Love Grenades - Genius Of Fun
10. 2:00 Club - Make You Mine
11. Fay Wolf - Your Love
12. Out of Reach - Matthew Perryman Jones

Saturday, January 8, 2011


You've probably heard a lot about the importance of raw food diet. Raw food diet consists primarily of raw, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, cabbage, seaweed, nuts and fruit juices. This is a vegetarian diet, but she rejects any animal products. Its basic principle is that cooking and processing to remove most of the essential vitamins, enzymes and nutrients that our bodies evolved to thrive on.


Have you ever had a picture of the plasma in the blood after eating food from McDonald's or Burger King? It was not pretty pictures. It seems thick and cloudy. Fast food is loaded with fat and sodium. They use white bread and rolls, they have processed white flour used, with very few nutrients in it means.

And how do you feel after a Big Mac and fries? You have to sleep, right? All you pull down fat and make you feel sluggish.