Saturday, January 8, 2011


Have you ever had a picture of the plasma in the blood after eating food from McDonald's or Burger King? It was not pretty pictures. It seems thick and cloudy. Fast food is loaded with fat and sodium. They use white bread and rolls, they have processed white flour used, with very few nutrients in it means.

And how do you feel after a Big Mac and fries? You have to sleep, right? All you pull down fat and make you feel sluggish.

In the diet is difficult. But think of something when you go to the food. They get from the high-fat, high sodium processed foods to liberate. In fact, you eat less. But you need to eat raw fruits and vegetables, drink more water and the effects of eating this way increases the reduction of energy use for sleep Processed foods with high content difficult to distinguish them. They spent an enormous amount of energy in the body. When the energy of the body fat is not used at all for you - for work, play, love, exercise - in other words, for life.

These ideas are not serious. They have no significant change in your life. But as good at what you eat without thinking. We reach for potato chips, or stop at Taco Bell or McDonald's when we are hungry and want something to look forward

Today it is much easier to have a snack ready for you to not stop at fast-food place if you are hungry. If you are on the road a lot and are hungry, have bags of vegetables or a piece of apple in the supermarket. Yes, it's easy to Wendy's to go, but a few minutes, plus a few additional steps be worth the energy and vitality.

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