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01. The Pierces - Secret
02. Ben's Brother - Beauty Queen
03. Colbie Caillat - I Will not
04. Mozella - More Than You
05. Orelia Has Orchestra - Tips
06. Brooke Waggoner - new look
07. Katie Herzig - Jack and Jill
08. Andrew Belle - all those pretty lights
09. Love Grenades - Genius Of Fun
10. 2:00 Club - Make You Mine
11. Fay Wolf - Your Love
12. Out of Reach - Matthew Perryman Jones

Pretty Little Liars is a teen drama series, from 8 June should be aired in 2010 on ABC Family. It is based on the book by Sara Shepard is based, and shows the lives of four girls, Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer after the leader of his gang, Alison disappears without a trace.


Alison, Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily are best friends and are a known group of Rosewood High School. disappears at a slumber party once the "Queen Bee" Alison and leaves his team without a clue. The girls molested text messages from a stranger named "A". Each post contains a secret about the girl who can only know Alison. So expect that news of Alison, the only learning one year after the death of Alison, who was found dead. The girls now have the task to discover CAI "A" and how that person can learn their secrets.

Characters :

Air Montgomery

Air, played by Lucy Hale takes the series beginning, after a year in Iceland, with her mother, she returned, her father and his brother Mike, her home town of Byron rosewood. There are problems in his family: his father was before her stay in Iceland a relationship with one of his students - for Air (and Alison) who discovers that he prayed his father, but her mother and promised that now Tell 'transaction. End only after his return to the U.S. Air doubt whether he is to keep the secret really is. He also began a relationship after returning to his English teacher, Ezra Fitz.

Emily Fields

Emily played by Shay Mitchell is an athletic swimmer. Maya makes friends with now that he moved the old home of Alison. Of the two, crackles, and Emily do not know how they handle it. It is initially set to Ben, but avoid because of their feelings for Maya. When Ben saves to rape her after the training, which is Toby, half-brother of Jenna end of a relationship with Ben tries to swim. They are partners in chemistry and Toby, and Toby is more interested, more details on Emily.

Hanna Marin

Hanna, played by Ashley Benson, is the new It-Girl in the City of rosewood. steal Prior to his popularity, "was an anonymous, a little girl 'E fat. In order to test their limits, sunglasses and other things from the store. It is a long-standing relationship with Sean, but would conflict with Hanna first wait. On a party that wants to do, Sean refuses, however, a few days, looking for no more after that.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer, played by Troy Bellisario has major problems finding their way around your family. During his evil sister, Melissa is the golden child, Spencer tries perform well in school and in sports to win his parents. She is losing a kind of winner and hates. Like Wren, his sister's boyfriend visit, he finds himself drawn to him directly. A kiss between the two but is seen by Melissa, which dissolves the engagement, and separates from him. Spencer has developed feelings of Wren.

Alison DiLaurentis

Alison, Sasha Pieterse, the former leader of the crack is played very pushy and always gets what he wants. The girls always said that all his secrets, but do not get. Alison disappears without trace after a slumber party. A year later, her disappearance remains unsolved. Suddenly receive Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer threatening messages from "A". "A" she recalls her darkest secrets, why she cha "A" suggests, Alison - Alison body is soon found dead.

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